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Gen Y is not the future of the market. Gen Y is the present. Also known as Millennials, Gen Y will spend more than $1 trillion this year. They will outspend Baby Boomers in 2017! Your challenge: Gen Y buys differently than any other generation. How you respond determines whether your company grows now and in the future. The reason: Every other generation is now starting to buy like Gen Y. Win Gen Y and you win everyone. Miss Gen Y and you’re in a really difficult position.

In Insider Secrets for Selling to Gen Y, Jason Dorsey—the Gen Y Guy—reveals the secrets behind Gen Y’s unique consumer mindset so you can better market and sell to Millennials right away. These insights are taken from his work with companies around the world, as well as original research. You won’t find these priceless insights anywhere else.

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Gen Y, aka Millennials, is the greatest consumer opportunity to enter the market in 20 years. With more than 80 million members in the U.S. alone, Gen Y is the fastest-growing consumer group AND has the least established loyalty. The challenge is that what worked in sales and marketing only five years ago does not work with Millennials—and every other generation is now starting to buy like them. This is your moment to separate yourself and your company from your competition by adapting to win Gen Y (and get them to bring their 5,000 social media friends!). You can turn this once-in-a-generation challenge into the biggest growth opportunity in two decades. The key is to act now as Millennials enter their wealth-accumulation phase.

Must-know Gen Y topics Jason covers in this 88-minute DVD include:

  • Why winning Gen Y means getting all their friends
  • Why a generational sales approach is key
  • Six must-know Gen Y characteristics for closing sales

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Jason was a huge success at our annual Micros Users Conference. I wish I had allotted more time than one hour for him to speak, and so did my attendees.close quote


Louise Casamento, Vice President of Marketing
Micros Systems

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Not only did you hit a home run—you knocked it out of the park! Attendees were heaping compliments about you regarding your sales insight, your ability to captivate and maintain interest, your energetic and humorous delivery and the timeliness and relevance of your message that connected with each generation in the audience.close quote


John Tata, Vice President
XPIENT Solutions

Jason speaking to 6,000 business owners. He received a standing ovation and they brought him back the next year!Jason with Jim Gillespie, CEO of Coldwell Banker Real Estate. Jason’s keynote on selling across generations received a standing ovation from the 1,200 Coldwell Banker attendees!Jason keynotes the Million Dollar Roundtable. He received a standing ovation from 6,000 sales leaders from around the world.Jason with Pat after keynoting National Sales Day for the Life Insurance Association of Ireland. His speech in Dublin received a rousing standing ovation!