Crossing The Generational Divide


We work in a time of unprecedented generational change. Four generations in the workforce. Five generations in the marketplace. Strategies that work for one generation can be complete turn-offs for others. This divide is a costly challenge or breakthrough opportunity, depending entirely how you and your leaders respond.

In Crossing the Generational Divide, bestselling author Jason Dorsey exposes new generational truths that directly impact the success or failure of leaders and organizations. He shares surprising data, emerging trends and specific actions that lead to measurable results.

Crossing the Generational Divide Jason speaking to 6,000 business owners. He received a standing ovation.
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Jason’s keynote speech at our International Management Conference was a huge hit! In an industry where talented employees are at a premium and retention is critical to success, Jason’s viewpoint was timely, engaging and thought-provoking. His understanding, not only of his own generation, but of those who hire and work with them makes his message all the more relevant.    close quote

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Katie Taylor, President and CEO
Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts

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Your attendees leave this program able to:

  • Put each generation in the context of your own generation
  • Make the multigenerational workforce your breakthrough opportunity
  • Implement ready-to-use actions proven to solve the toughest generational challenges

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Acclaimed Speaker

An internationally acclaimed keynote speaker, Jason has delivered 2,000 keynote speeches around the world. His dynamic speaking style has earned standing ovations from audiences as large as 13,000.

Jason makes every generation in your workplace more valuable: Gen Y, Millennials, Generation X, Baby Boomers and Traditionalists. His specialty is delivering generational tools and tactics that drive tangible results. It’s why he earns standing ovations from audiences at meetings around the world.

  • Jason’s results-driven generational presentations:
  • Position the multigenerational workforce as a growth opportunity
  • Transform costly generational disconnects into powerful, profitable connection points
  •  Reveal numerous ready-to-use actions that solve generation challenges

Customized for You: As a generational keynote speaker, Jason’s presentations include a confidential data review, in-depth pre-event conference call, multi-page handout, and ready-to-use strategies designed for immediate implementation.

Crossing the Generational Divide: Unlocking the Power of Generations™ for Your Strategic Advantage

For the first time in world history, four different generations are working side by side—and a fifth generation is on the way! Each generation (Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Generation X, and Millennials) brings a different perspective, strengths, and priorities to the workplace. These differences can be a frustrating challenge (you leave a voicemail and they reply with a text!) or a strategic opportunity depending entirely how leaders respond.

In Crossing the Generational Divide, bestselling author Jason Dorsey entertainingly reveals each generation’s workplace mindset. He then shares surprising statistics, laugh-out-loud stories, and frontline-tested strategies that quickly drive results across generations. Attendees leave motivated with ready-to-use actions they can apply immediately.

Your executives and managers leave this results-driven program able to:

  • Understand why and how generational differences impact every aspect of your organization—and see the data to prove it
  • Recognize the advantage created by integrating each generation’s strengths, differences, and current life stage
  • Implement ready-to-use best practices that quickly drive cross-generation communication, Millennials’ motivation, innovation, and more
Jason with David Gordon, SVP of Operations at The Cheesecake Factory, after keynoting their national management conference. Jason received a standing ovation.Jason with Isador Sharp, founder of Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, after keynoting their International Management Conference.Jason with Rahul after speaking at the Numaligarh Oil Refinery in Numaligarh, India. Jason spoke to engineers on how to get promoted and to company officers on how to create a culture of loyalty across generations.Jason in front of a big sign after keynoting McDonald’s of Australia and New Zealand’s national managers conference. Jason has spoken in all 50 states and around the world.