Fast-Track Your Career


Ever wondered how to fast-track your career? Jason did. So he met with top leaders around the world to get the inside scoop. The answer he discovered: Give value first. Emerging leaders and young professionals who give the right kind of value up-front earn respect and responsibility, and get promoted much faster.

In Fast-Track Your Career, bestselling author Jason Dorsey reveals what emerging leaders need to know and do right now to put their careers in high gear. He shares new insights and innovative strategies collected from his work with leaders around the world, and empowers you to leverage your individual strengths and mindset to drive performance.

Fast Track Your Career Jason speaking to 6,000 Gen Y and Millennial leaders in New York City. He received a standing ovation!
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Your presentation was a hit with our Leadership Development Program! You really connected with the audience and they walked away understanding how all the generations can work together more effectively.   close quote


Mike Doble, Director, Strategic Communications
Raytheon Company

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Your attendees leave this program able to:

  • Take the lead—with or without a title
  • Demonstrate your potential to those you who influence your future
  • Act on strategies that leverage your strengths and inspire others

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Jason Dorsey is not available through speaker bureaus.


Millennials are here. We bring potential. We bring talent. We bring big expectations. On occasion, we bring our mom. As a member of Gen Y, Jason Dorsey can relate. He won Entrepreneur of the Year Award at age 25, yet he still text messages his mom every day.

Jason has a gift for teaching Millennials how to make the most of their unique talents and ambition while working alongside—and often leading—other generations. In the last ten years, he has spoken to over 400,000 members of his generation on how to make the most of their potential at work.

Your Gen Y, Millennials and Emerging Professional audience leaves Jason’s inspiring program able to:

  • Appreciate the unique perspective they bring to the workplace
  • Value every generation, especially those with more work and life experience
  • Develop the practical skills and real-world tools necessary to lead different generations—including those older than themselves
Jason speaking to 6,000 Gen Y and Millennial leaders in New York City. He received a standing ovation! Jason keynotes an international leadership conference for GE. His message focused on bridging generations in a global context.Jason receiving an award after receiving a standing ovation from 13,000 Gen Y and Millennial leaders!Jason keynotes the Raytheon Leadership Development Program for participants from across the US. Jason spoke immediately before the Chairman and CEO of Raytheon.