Insider Secrets For Selling To Gen Y


Gen Y is not the future of the market. Get Y is the present.

With $1.3 trillion to spend this year alone, Gen Y will outspend Baby Boomers in 2017. Gen Y also has the least established brand loyalty, most pent-up purchasing demand and buys differently than any previous generation. Simply put, Gen Y is the future of almost every company.

In this solution-packed program, bestselling author Jason Dorsey reveals exactly how to sell to Gen Y and millennials from the perspective of an insider. He shares the latest data and proven strategies, and debunks costly myths about Gen Y as consumers. This program delivers step-by-step actions proven to drive Gen Y sales now.

How to Sell to Gen Y So We Love to Buy Jason keynotes the Million Dollar Roundtable. He received a standing ovation from 6,000 sales leaders from around the world.
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Jason’s entertaining message was of great value to all 1,200 of our sales associates in attendance—and that ranged from Gen Y to Traditionalists! They left with actions they could use right away for selling across
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Coldwell Banker

Jim Gillespie, Chief Executive Officer
Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC

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Your attendees leave this program able to:

  • Gain an entirely new perspective on Gen Y as consumers
  • Learn what actually works to engage, market and sell to Gen Y now based on the latest data
  • Implement little-known actions that dramatically increase Gen Y customer experience, close sales and drive ongoing referrals

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Gen Y buys differently. Every generation does. These generational differences can sink your sales or dramatically grow your business—depending entirely how you respond. Jason Dorsey gives you the proven tools and cutting-edge insights you need to make the most of every generation in your marketplace (whether they text, tweet, or actually talk on their mobile phone). Jason will deliver a results-driven presentation that:

  • Reveals little-known shortcuts for selling to Gen Y consumers, Generation X, Boomers, and Traditionalists
  • Transforms the most common generational disconnects into profitable selling points
  • Delivers ready-to-use sales tactics that work in-person, in-store, online, and via mobile device—with examples!

Customized for You: As a generational keynote speaker, this presentation includes a confidential data review, in-depth pre-event conference call, multi-page handout, and ready-to-use strategies designed for immediate implementation.

Insider Secrets For Selling To Millennials: Strategies To Get Us To Buy Now


Gen Y, aka Millennials, has come of age and so has our spending power. This year Millennials will spend over $200 billion in the U.S. alone. Internationally, we’ll spend more than $600 billion! The companies and individuals that attract and keep Gen Y and Millennial consumers —and our enormous social media following—will quickly profit and create a powerful competitive barrier.

In Insider Secrets for Selling To Millennials and Gen Y, Jason Dorsey—the thought leader on Millennials and Gen Y—expertly reveals his generation’s buying mindset and purchasing pathway™. He places special emphasis on the convergence of technology, expectations, and loyalty. Attendees leave with ready-to-use solutions that attract and keep Gen Y and Millennial customer’ in-person, in-store, online, and via mobile device.

Your sales and marketing leaders leave this results-driven program able to:

  • Understand how, when, and why Gen Y and Millennials buys—and see the data to prove it
  • Create a tactical advantage by integrating Millennials and Gen Y’s purchasing pathway™ into your sales, marketing, and customer experience plans
  • Implement proven Gen Y and Millennials best-practices tailored to work in-person, in-store, online, and via mobile device
Jason speaking to 6,000 business owners. He received a standing ovation and they brought him back the next year!Jason with Jim Gillespie, CEO of Coldwell Banker Real Estate. Jason’s keynote on selling across generations received a standing ovation from the 1,200 Coldwell Banker attendees!Jason keynotes the Million Dollar Roundtable. He received a standing ovation from 6,000 sales leaders from around the world.Jason with Pat after keynoting National Sales Day for the Life Insurance Association of Ireland. His speech in Dublin received a rousing standing ovation!