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Y-Size Your Business

Gen Y, aka Millennials, is the fastest-growing generation in the workplace today. Along with tremendous potential and timely skills, Gen Y brings a mindset that can frustrate the most experienced managers and leaders. This bestselling book reveals more than 50 specific ways to improve Gen Y recruitment, motivation, talent development, communication and problem solving within a multigenerational workforce. The end result: better Gen Y performance in less time and with less stress!

In this acclaimed management book, Y-Size Your Business, Jason Dorsey reveals new generational truths about Gen Y and Millennials that answer your biggest workforce questions. The step-by-step actions allow you to drive better performance with Gen Y from their very first day—and without meeting their mom! This is the insider’s guide that you’ve been looking for to unlock the talent of this generation for your organization.


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Generation Y brings remarkable talent, diversity and ambition to the workplace. They also bring an attitude, work style and beliefs that can challenge managers and leaders at every level. Learn how to separate the stereotypes from the data-backed truth on how to maximize Gen Y recruitment, retention, customer service and performance. In this Inc. Magazine bestselling book, you’ll learn:

  • Gen Y’s hidden mindset
  • How to communicate with Gen Y
  • How to attract the best Gen Y employees
  • How to motivate Gen Y at work
  • How to develop Gen Y talent fast
  • And much, much more

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Jason Dorsey is able to build the bridge of understanding between generations. He gets us. He gets them. And in Y-Size Your Business , he gives us the tools to translate, adapt and embrace the fastest-growing generation in the workplace.close quote

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Betsy McLaughlin, CEO
Hot Topic

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Jason brings a valuable new perspective to the Gen Y employment conversation. He shows you how to make the most of his generation’s strengths while building on the talents of employees of all ages.close quote

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Dan Beem, President
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Y-Size Your Business
How Gen Y Employees Can Save You Money and Grow Your Business

Shows you creative ways to:

  • Attract quality Gen Y employees faster than free pizza at 2AM
  • Keep Gen Y and Millennials engaged at work from day one
  • Develop Gen Y talent by making “good enough” unacceptable
  • Motivate Gen Y and Millennials by not giving us a trophy
  • Retain Gen Y—and our enthusiasm
  • Build a talent pipeline like American Idol
  • And much more…

Generation Y— often called Millennials—are the fastest growing segment in America’s workforce. Almost 80 million strong, they already comprise the entire 18-to-35 demographic. Along with their ever-present cell phones and new definition of “business casual,” they bring tremendous potential to the workplace (just ask, they’ll tell you). However, Generation Y’s approach to employment can make them a challenge for managers and executives to attract, retain, motivate, and develop.

In Y-Size Your Business, Jason Ryan Dorsey—The Gen Y Guy®—shows you why embracing Gen Y and Millennial employees gives you an immediate competitive advantage and positions your business for long-term growth. In today’s economy, the opportunity Gen Y and Millennials present has never been more attractive. Gen Y is cost-effective to employ, brings a timely skill set to the workplace, and wants to make a difference from their first day of employment.

A member of Gen Y himself, Dorsey gives you an insider’s perspective on how these career starters and young professionals think and act. He then reveals a step-by-step methodology for attracting, retaining, and motivating productive, high-performing Gen Y and Millennial employees—and how to do so without investing a lot of time or money. To make the methodology easy to implement, Dorsey includes more than fifty inexpensive, ready-to-use strategies that deliver fast, measurable results.

Based on Dorsey’s frontline work with business leaders around the world—as a generational keynote speaker, Millennials consultant, and generational expert—Y-Size Your Business presents precisely the solutions you need to make the most of a generation growing in importance and ready to make an impact on your bottom line right away (and blog about it!).

Jason with David Gordon, SVP of Operations at The Cheesecake Factory, after keynoting their national management conference. Jason received a standing ovation.Jason with Isador Sharp, founder of Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, after keynoting their International Management Conference.Jason with Rahul after speaking at the Numaligarh Oil Refinery in Numaligarh, India. Jason spoke to engineers on how to get promoted and to company officers on how to create a culture of loyalty across generations.Jason in front of a big sign after keynoting McDonald’s of Australia and New Zealand’s national managers conference. Jason has spoken in all 50 states and around the world.